Drink your wine–> Rinse your bottle–> Refill @ Tank18 –> Repeat! Sustainable Bottling events start at $8.99/bottle when you bring your own glass. Tank18 will then refill and cork your washed out bottle. Don’t have a stash of bottles lying around? Don’t worry, for $2, we’ll supply the bottle for you. Really. It’s that simple.

Bring as many bottles as you like, no limit, first come first serve.  Got 12 or more, bring them in the Thursday/Friday before to skip the lines.


Bottle Size………….Price

750 mL.....................$8.99

1.5 L ………………......$18

3 L………………….......$36

4 L………………….......$45

Bulk Gallons……….$45

Ask us about larger bottles and wine pricing.

If you bring your own bottles, they must be clean and washed and we’ll do the rest. Can’t make it? Drop off your bottles prior to the bottling day. We’ll fill the bottles and have them ready for pickup the day after the event. All wine must be picked up within 2 weeks of the bottling date. Price includes corks and labels. Although we plan to have enough wine to last all day, the policy is first come first served. Planning a special event? Bring in your custom labels and we’ll apply them during the event. Custom labeled wines make great gifts for birthday, x-mas, anniversary, new home and weddings! Don’t have any empty bottles? We’ll have them at the event for $2.

You bring it… We’ll fill it!

Your bottles must be clean when you arrive at a Bottle and Cork event. We will not fill bottles that are dirty or moldy on the inside.

Cleaning your bottle

As soon as you empty the bottle, (after dinner, for example), rinse the inside several times with hot water, drain, and store in a wine carton neck down. This will insure that no mold will grow in any leftover liquid in the bottom of the bottle. Normally this will be sufficient cleaning and the bottles will be ready for filling next time. You also do not need to remove your existing wine labels. We will place a conforming label over your existing one.

Stains or Mold

If there is red wine stain or mold on the inside of the bottle, or if you wish to remove the label:

  • Fill your sink or other container with a strong baking soda solution in hot water (use lots of baking soda, half a box or so in a sink of water).
  • Soak the bottles in the solution until the stain is gone and the labels slide off. Rinse thoroughly in clean hot water, then store as mentioned above.
  • Putting your bottles in the dishwasher does a great job on the outside, but does not clean the inside where it counts!

2018 BYOB Dates

  • April 7, 2018
  • June 17, 2018