Wine should be fun. Yet, wine can still be a bit of an enigma for people: everyone loves it, but fully understanding tasting notes, varietal differences, pairings, and vintages, seems to require a college degree. Let’s face it, buying and enjoying wine can be intimidating.

Friends, do not fret! For Tank18 can be your sanctuary. We’ve scoured the wine country to find the best seasonal varietals and brought them to the city in our nifty metal tanks (ah-ha! That’s where our name comes from!). We strive to stay “local” when sourcing our juice, so Napa, Sonoma, Lodi, and Santa Cruz are natural targets, but you never know which region and grower will surprise us. That is part of the fun. And, since we aren’t reliant on sourcing our wine from a single plot of turf, we can competitively track quality wine without having to jack-up the prices. An ever-changing wine adventure made approachable and fun. Our friendly, personable, and ultra handsome staff is here to pour you a glass, ask how your day went, and explain the wine in a clear, frank manner.

2012 North Coast   verdelho

Pale color, almost clear. The flavors are subtle and reminiscent of apricots in the summer.    


2013 Sonoma COast ROsé of Pinot Noir

A light pink hue, nose with subtle hints of honeysuckle and white peaches. More structured than the typical rosé wine.  


2012 Napa valley  sauvignon blanc

Brilliant pale straw color. The wine is bursting with ruby red grapefruit, passion fruit, lychee and white peach aromas. 


2011 Napa Valley Chardonnay

Aromas are refreshing and flinty with hints of green apple and honeysuckle. 


2013 Napa Carneros       Pinot Noir

Coming soon


2013 sonoma coast        pinot meunier

Ripe plum, cardamom and apple sauce spices lead to pomegranate and Bing cherry flavors. 


Earthy nose with subtle layers of blackberry, pepper, anise, and tobacco. A smooth finish with a kiss of oak and hint of smoke.



Bright ruby in color, the pallet is medium bodied, smooth and balanced with a perfume of raspberry, linalool and plum. 




Cherry and vanilla flavors are immediately apparent, feeling soft and rich. Robust fruit with acidity and soft tannin make it a favorite. 

2011 napa valley      cabernet sauvignon

Aromas of balsamic glazed figs, dried rose petals and a touch of green peppercorns. Smooth and rich on the palate with a persistent finish.

2012 el dorado zinfandel

Aromas of rose petals, orange blossom, cherry and cloves. Flavors that begin with cedar and tobacco finishing with minerality. 

2011 el dorado petite sirah

Fresh, bright cherry, followed by bramble berry and a touch of toasted oak to complete the aroma. This juicy grape flavor is wrapped in a very supple, fine chalk-like texture.