Wine should be fun. Yet, wine can still be a bit of an enigma for people: everyone loves it, but fully understanding tasting notes, varietal differences, pairings, and vintages, seems to require a college degree. Let’s face it, buying and enjoying wine can be intimidating.

Friends, do not fret! For Tank18 can be your sanctuary. We’ve scoured the wine country to find the best seasonal varietals and brought them to the city in our nifty metal tanks (ah-ha! That’s where our name comes from!). We strive to stay “local” when sourcing our juice, so Napa, Sonoma, Lodi, and Santa Cruz are natural targets, but you never know which region and grower will surprise us. That is part of the fun. And, since we aren’t reliant on sourcing our wine from a single plot of turf, we can competitively track quality wine without having to jack-up the prices. An ever-changing wine adventure made approachable and fun. Our friendly, personable, and ultra handsome staff is here to pour you a glass, ask how your day went, and explain the wine in a clear, frank manner.




Brut - Cremant de Bourgogne, FR 13/52
Thienot - NV Brut Champagne, FR -/120
Thienot - NV Rose Champagne, FR -/195
Thienot - 2007 Cuvee Champagne, FR -/295

WHITE WINES 5oz/25oz

Sauvignon Blanc - 2016 Fair Play 9/36
Chenin Blanc - 2015 Clarksburg 8/32
Chardonnay - 2014 Russian River 13/52
Rosé - 2016 Sonoma Valley 8/32

RED WINE 5oz/25oz

Sangiovese – 2015 Lodi 8/32
Carignane - 2016 Redwood Valley  10/40
Pinot - 2014 Anderson Valley  13/52
Grenache- 2014 Moon Mountain 9/36
Mourvedre - 2016 Redwood valley 8/32
Merlot – 2016 Howell Mountain Napa 13/52
Syrah - 2016 Sonoma Valley 9/36
Zinfandel – 2016 Sonoma Valley 9/36


WHITES 5oz/25oz
Forra Bianco, Alto Adige, Italy 2015 (Crossbreed between Riesling and Pinot Blanc,) by Alois Lageder 17/68
Grillo, Sicily, Italy 2016, by Tasca d'Almerita 12/48

REDS 5oz/25oz
Schiava, Alto Adige, Italy 2016 (Schiava), by Alois Lageder 12/48
Barbera d'Alba, Piedmont, Italy 2015 (Barbera), by Enrico Serafino 11/44
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Abruzzo, Italy 2014 (Montepulciano), by La Valentina 10/40

**All wines can be purchased to take home for 1/2 off 25oz bottle price** 

**All wines can be purchased to take home for 1/2 off 25oz bottle price** 


While wine is where it all started, we couldn't resist the opportunity to start getting our hands dirty making our own beer as well. We have a line up of about 6 beers we have been aging that will roll out shortly starting with our Pale Ale. Until then we have some great local and not so local beers for you to enjoy. 

Tank18 Pale Ale -5
Tank18 Citra Sour - 5
Tank 18 Chocolate Stout - 6
Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose - 6
Roses’s Taproom Father Time Pale Ale - 6
Rose’s Taproom Mothership IPA- 6
21st Amendment El Sully Mexican Lager - 5


Though we have tried, man can't survive on wine alone. To this we have provided many new options for you to discover. From local breweries to local distilleries, and classic to craft cocktails. Here is what we are currently pouring, but it will be an ever changing menu of seasonal drinks and new finds. 

Cocktails range from $8 - $16

Greyhound- vodka, grapefruit
Mule - vodka, ginger-beer, limes, bitters
Whiskey Buck - bourbon, ginger-beer, limes, bitters
Marcy Playground - house rosé syrup, vodka, lemon, ginger, soda
Paloma - tequila, grapefruit, lemon, simple syrup
Gin & House made tonic
Bobby Burns - scotch, vermouth, benedictine
Down and Out - mezcal, blanc vermouth, lillet
Paper Plane - bourbon, amaro, aperol, lemon
Ume Old Fashion -  japanese whiskey, ume plum, bitters

tank18_cocktail_group_2_native (1).jpg