Th/Fri 5p-8p  Sat/Sun 4p-7p

Marinated Marcona almonds $6

Warmed marinated olive $6

Grilled Shishito peppers, smoked chicken crackling, Meyer lemon $7

Salt & vinegar hand cut fries $6

Boquerones, nettle yogurt, fava beans, Aleppo $9

Lomo embuchado, pickled Fresno chiles $10

Wings (6) served with fresh/fermented/pickled veggies, blue cheese or green goddess dressing $9

Kikorangi six week blue, pressed apples, candied walnuts $12

House smoked Mt Lassen trout, brown butter blini, spiced yogurt $14

House made Spring Italian Sausage, spring risotto, pea shoot salad $18

Fried chicken, shaved fennel, herbs, Calabrian chili sauce $14

...more to come.