Reservations here

Things to snack on

Spiced almonds and cashews, turkish apricots
Marinated olives
Sea salt and vinegar fries, tahini sauce, spicy aioli
Whipped goat cheese, tomato relish, preserved bergamot, toast

Things to share

Hot wings – koji wings with a swift kick in the ass, dipping sauce
Warm wings – koji wings with grazing kick to the tookus
Shishito peppers, smoked chicken crackling, hen of the woods
Elote, chipotle aioli, mahon curado, lime
Red leaf, purslane, dill-lemon vinaigrette, roasted carrots, marcona almonds, avocado
Grilled Romaine salad, some dressing, grilled Romano beans, parmesan
Smokey yellowtail jack crudo, poblano peppers, celery, sea beans - 
Pork ribs, grilled apricot, meyer lemon chimichurri
Beech mushroom Arancini, smoked gouda, braised fennel, mustard greens
Fried chicken, shaved fennel, herb salad, chili sauce
Charcuterie selection, house pickles, other stuff

Could be a meal…

Spring Italian sausage, Italian white beans, fried green tomato
Impossible burger, king trumpet slaw, -choice of green salad or fries
House burger, smoked king trumpet slaw with fixins –choice of green salad or fries
Skirt steak, farro verde, roasted summer squash, grilled torpedo onion, salsa verde 

…with your meal...

Carolina gold potato salad, crispy parsnips
Charred summer beans, lentils, yogurt
Asparagus, cured egg

Something to regret

Seasonal ice cream & soft serve
Fresh baked cookies
Ice cream sandwich 

*subject to change depending on mood*